Regarding your wealth and assets:

Depending on your preferences and needs we can also perform your personal investment accounting. This way you will have your own neutral base for investment controlling and decision making. Furthermore, we support you in the determination of an investment strategy, right according your wishes and needs – as well as in the evaluation of suitable asset managers.

Regarding your business activities and companies:

Business management / executive mandates:

We approach these mandates as entrepreneurs with a long term focus – unlike common ‘Managers’ who only focuses on short term incentives.

Tax optimization:

It’s surprising how many possibilities for tax optimization usually are neglected or just not recognized. Everybody has to pay taxes in some way – but we think that it should be within a reasonable limit. We take care that you won’t pay too much.

Succession plans:

It’s better to start thinking about sucession early enough, calmly supported by a professional advisor in order to enable a smooth transfer – this way you can ensure the further existence of your lifework.

Regarding your personal well being: