Trust Services – Family-Office

The world around us is getting increasingly demanding and complex. People are challenged with financial and administrative issues – all of which consume time and energy. And your time is valuable. Nevertheless, these issues have to be dealt with in an efficient and effective way. But by whom should it be done if not by yourself?
Such that you can dedicate your valuable time to more interesting things we offer to take over the tasks for which you neither would like to spend your time nor your energy on - as much as possible. We are a small team of competent and discreet specialists who bring in our know-how for foreign and domestic individuals and companies. The following fields of activities are encompassed:

It does not matter at all whether itis about very complex, simple, or time-consuming tasks – we are on your side alike your personal Butler – but with focus on financial matters.

What we stand for

Listen to the customer and understand his needs and wishes – each customer is individual and has personal interests and wishes. We represent your extended ego within the framework of our professional activity. This means we exclusively represent your interests – and nothing else.

We see ourselves as financial bodyguards or financial butlers. Our work consists in searching and preparing solutions concerning issues about your financial matters, assets, taxes, succession plans and others.